Pete Rock Never Disappoints. Check out what he’s been up to lately.

Catch up with Pete Rock

Pete Rock was part of the Hip hop duo Pete Rock and CL Smooth and is known as one of the best Hip hop producers. He climbed the Hip hop ranks, getting his start in the early 90’s.

Pete Rock is a Hip hop pioneer, being one of the first Hip hop producers to successfully integrate Jazz and Rap. Petestrumentals is a funky, jazz mix that you should definitely check out!

With CL Smooth, Pete Rock made dope ass beats that you could really get down to. The beats were dancy and the vibe was East Coast 90’s meets 70’s funk.

What’s up with Pete Rock now?

This is one Hip hop Icon that will not quietly fade away. He is still very active in the Hip hop community and making music.

pete rock

In 2019, he release “Return of the SP1200”. He also continues to make instrumentals and beats. Check out his YouTube for more.

25 years of DJing, producing and remixing. Career album sales at 25 million and growing. Production for 31 artists crossing 5 genres: hip hop (The Notorious B.I.G., Public Enemy) R&B (Mary J. Blige, TLC, Monica) Rock (Mick Jagger), Pop (Madonna, Lady Gaga) and jazz (Robert Glasper)

He is still as cool as ever. Very active on social media and very vocal about the state of Hip hop and current affairs.

Pete Rock is a living legend. The man is an inspiration and the epitome of everything Hip hop. He is a soul survivor and I hope to see more from him for many years to come.


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